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What is BSL and why should you get involved???

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What is BSL and why should you get involved???
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BSL is Breed Specific Legislation. This is something everyone should be aware of and 100% against!

Many states are have already passed laws regarding animals and one of the biggest stirrs today centers around laws that target spacific breeds of dogs. Many states have passed laws that have banned spacific breeds of dogs making it unlawful to own these particular dogs or dogs that remotly resemble these dogs. Mastiffs, Dobermans, rotwilers, and Pit Bulls seem to be the main focus but the laws are not limited to these breeds.

These laws have labled these breed as dangerous breeds. There is no such thing as a dangerous dog or dangerous breed just dangerous owners! Cocker Spaniels are said to be the number one biters and yet they are like Americas favorite dog. Whats next bann the Cocker Spaniel? You cannot just go from breed to breed banning them and think that will solve the problems. It will solve nothing. Irrisponsable and ignorant people are the problem. I don't agree with telling people they need permission to breed their dogs either. Breeding is right in certain cases and wrong in others. Breeding for money is wrong. Breeding for cute little puppies is wrong. Breeding to maintain the quality of the breed is something all together different. We do need strictewr laws but not ones that target the animals. we need laws that target the people that are the problem.

Any dog can be made into a dangerous animal. No matter what breed it is. We have countless rescue groups and shelters around the country and they are over run with animals. Animal controll is understaffed and under trained in just about every city. Anti cruelty and humane societies are lacking funds to get the job done. Donations are coming in but not enough. So what can be done? Well rather then bann a breed lets get proactive instead of reactive! People have mentioned mandatory licensing for breeders. Not necessary really but registration is not a bad idea.

Lets say that everyone who has an unalterd female must register thier female. There would be a fee for regestering and those fees would be divided among the recognized groups in the county. The owners of any Female dog that is bred and whose pups are made available for free or for sale must refer the prospective owners to the local rescue foundation, humane society or animal controll shelter so that they can enroll in a class taught by a certified instructor. Anyone who breeds dogs must have a certified instructor teach a course on how to properly care for a pup. The certified instructor must be certified through the local humane society or animal rescue foundation. There is a fee for the course and the fee goes to the group sponsoring the course. The course must be taken and passed before an individual is eligable to obtain a puppy. There should be a list kept of every class participant and a certificate of completion given to all those who successfully complete the course. The course must be re taken if another dog is purchased. Unless the class was taken within the last 30 days. Identification should be required as well to ensure that no one else can use the certificate. All pups that are purchased and or sold must be at least 8 weeks old and be up to date on all their shots and wormings and come with a health certificate from the vet. If the potential owners intend to breed the dog in the future they must register and pay the reg. fee before they can take their pup home. If they do not intend to breed then the dog must be spayed or neuterd before the pup can go home. The vet used can be of the potential owners choice but the breeder must deliver the dog to the vet for the surgery and the new owner may pick up their pup after words. Create stiff penalties for non compliance.

Now what will this do. Make it harder for people to simply allow dogs to breed as they choose without consequences. Make it harder for people to just buy breeding stock or obtain breeding stock for free. Make the punishment for such irrisponsable and quite frankly criminal actions much more severe. Make a way to cut down the population of the unwanted animals. And the fees will give the animal groups something to work with. A way to feed house and care for more of the animals that come in.