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There are always horror stories on the news and in the papers about dog attacks. But rarely do we see the positive side of these beautiful and devoted animals. Many breeds are targets for bad press.  We hear stories about dog attacks and many of the dogs are listed as "Pits" when often they are not Pits at all. Most people could not recognize a Pit Bull if they saw one. In fact you will notice that all through this site that we misspelled the breed name. The correct spelling is "Pit Bulls" NOT Pitbulls. So why do we do it? Well because most people miss spell the breed name. There are so many things the general public does not know about these animals. We have started this page to show the other side of these sweet and loving dogs.
(If you know of a story that should be included on this page please contact us through the comments page and we will be happy to review it for posting.)

Two pit bulls rescue woman from red chow

Associated Press — April 14, 2005

OMAHA, Neb. — Two dogs whose breed has a reputation for being mean played the roles of rescuers for a woman who was being attacked by another dog.

A red chow was on top of Angie Pecoraro, 22, in her yard on Monday when two pit bulls jumped over a fence and fought off the chow, Nebraska Humane Society spokeswoman Pam Wiese said.

Witnesses said the chow had bitten Pecoraro several times on her hands, arms and stomach, Wiese said.

An ambulance took Pecoraro to a hospital, where she was treated and released, Wiese said.

The Humane Society impounded the chow, and its owner was ticketed for not having the dog restrained and for harboring a dangerous animal. It will be quarantined to make sure it doesn't have rabies, Wiese said.

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