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Success Stories
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On this page you will see some of the success stories of Dogs that have been placed in permanent loving homes.

Willow Baez

This is Willow. Willow was found on the side of a highway in North Central Florida. She was about 7 weeks old cold, wet and hungry. Willow remained with us for about a month until she met her current owner Dorothy. Dorothy and willow are inseperable and Willow is happy and healthy in her new home today. We will try to upload some puppy pictures of Willow wo that you can see how wonderfully big and cuddly she has grown. Willow is very smart. Her owner Dorothy has taught her to say hello with a handshake. She is surrounded by love and is wonderful with children and other animals. We are pleased to announce that Willow has achieved status as the mascot to Georgia

Dillon Jackson C.
Waiting for his morning Coffee!

When Dillon was rescued over a month ago he was beaten up and frightend. Dillon had been in at least one recent dog fight and it was said that his previous owner had been using him for bait to teach other pits to fight. At first he was really shy and was not sure how to react to kindness and love. After all this was something new to him. But Dillon quickly became attached to his to me and we formed a special bond. As you can see from above Dillon has made himself right at home sitting on the patio waiting for his morning coffee! Every morning Dillon and I have coffee on our patio and share a toasted bagel together. (Dillon gets watered down decaff coffee with lots of milk) He is a bouncy little guy and so excited that he is in a safe home with lots of love that somethimes he has a hard time setteling down.
Dillon was only with us for a week before he began to show signs that he viewed our home as HIS home too. Passers by would get a low grumbling WOOF and he watched closely as they would pass the house. He was not house broke when he first arived but caught on really fast! He has an accident form time to time but all in all his progress in this area is remarkable. And his accidents are only when he is first out of his crate and excited to see us.
Dillon chose a plastic crate as his safe space. A place he could go when he felt nervous or afraid where he knew no one and nothing could harm him. Amazingly enough he does VERY well with the other dogs in our home.
My husband and I had no intention of keeping Dillon but rather to rescue him and find him a suitable home. Dillon had other plans. He somehow managed to move into not only our home but our hearts as well. His story just amazes me whenever I think of it because three other people told me to put him to sleep when they first saw him the day he arrived.
After just two weeks Dillon made a huge step towords encouraging us to keep him. My husband let him out of his crate and I was in the bedroom ver very ill. My husband said as soo na s he opened the crate door Dillon immediatly started looking for me. Mark said he followed the exact path I had taken that afternoon from the back door to the bathroom and then to the bedroom. The door was closed but not completly. Dillon pushed open the door and crawled up on the bed. I never felt him one bit and we have a water bed. He laid his head on my stomach and refused to move. Mark had to wake me to ge thim to go outside. I took him outside and then went back to bed. When he came in he came right back to me and gently laid his head on my stomach again refusing to move. Just looking up at me as if I was his whole world. He stole my heart that day. I had a really bad ear infection and was so sick I could not eat. Dillon knew what was wrong he kept trying to lick my ear whenever I would cry from the pain. Dillon stayed with me for two solid days until I was feeling better. His love for me was what got my husband hooked on him. And because of this My husbnad suggested we keep him believing that he would not bond to anyone else like he did to me.
Dillon is doing great today. though he has only been with us a month he is learning things really fast. He wants so much to please me that sometimes he is a bit too excited about his training. We are taking it dlow. Just 5 to 10 minutes at a time here and there. Below is a link to a video of Dillon learning Down and crawl for the first time. He learned sit last week and Paw three days ago. He really likes to give paw now it is like his favorite trick. Click on the link below to see Dillon learning.
(Check back with us soon link is not working)