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The truth about Pitbulls

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The truth about Pitbulls
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What is the Pitbull really like?

"We are not so different really."

Who can forget the beloved "Little Rascals?" I am only 32 years old myself but even I grew up watching them and as did many others I just loved their dog! Surprisingly enough many do not know that this lovable pooch was a Pitbull. And those that do know simply forget when it comes to the breed as a whole. The dog you see on the right is Rambo our 9 month old Pitbull. He is featured with his owner and my husband Mark. Rambo is far from vicious or dangerous and as you can see the two people loving poochies are not so different really.

There is a wonderful link below with more information about this famous pooch.

BUT FIRST..... there is something you need to see before you go further...

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There was a time I was terrified of Pitbulls. I always said never a Pitbull in my home! Never around my children! I didn't even want to have one living on the same block as we did. Then I met Socks. A beautiful black Pit with white paws. He was the sweetest dog and lived to kiss and love on you. He had a gentile disposition and was so good with children and other animals. Even Cats! I could not believe what I was seeing. Socks belonged to a good friend of mine and she educated me on what these gentile dogs were really about. But it would be a very long time until I knew just what this breed had to endure. More then any other breed of animal these sweet creatures need the help of humans the most.

My heart is broken to know what is being done to these dogs and what is not being done to help them. Rather then help them most people are condemning them. Society as a whole has singled out these dogs and gone on a literal witch-hunt hell bent on erasing the entire breed from existence.

I want to tell you now that I own two Pitbulls today as we speak. A beautiful male named Rambo and a sweet female pup named Pepper. No I have no intention of breeding there are too many that are here now that need saving and that is what I plan on doing. Saving as many as I can. Why? Because they are the most misunderstood breed in history!

Lets talk about what they are really like. These dogs and their associated breeds are really quite gentile dogs. Yes they do have a tendency to be aggressive with other animals particularly other dogs. This can be curbed by proper socialization and training. Who can look into the face of a young pup and not melt inside? Only a human being with no heart at all. They are fragile little ones and they need our loving care and compassion. If there was ever a breed of animal that needed our compassion and understanding it is this breed. These dogs are loyal and loving to their family. And yes they can be serious protectors of their home and loved ones. But lets look at that instinct for a minute. How many of you reading this are parents? Do you not love your children with your whole heart and soul? Would you not become fiercely protective if someone or something threatened your children? How about your mother, father, sibling or spouse? It is our instinct to protect those whom we love. Why is this so hard to understand where a dog is concerned? You show a dog compassion and love. You feed it and care for it ensuring it is healthy and happy and you have a devoted friend and a willing protector for as long as that dog lives. You do not have to teach your dog to protect they simply do out of love.

As I look down at my beautiful companions my heart warms and breaks at the same time. It is warm because I can feel the love coming and going between us. It is breaking because I am sickened to know deep down that there are so many people who want my beautiful babies dead. Never having met them or known the kind of love we share they simply do not care. Kill the dogs! Wipe them out! That is the mindset of people today. Because of their breed and their breed alone. This hatred is fed by horror stories of vicious dogs mauling children, adults and other animals. And these cases are sad and tragic. I don't deny that for a minute. But we are blaming the dogs for something that is not their fault.

I don't care what the breed of dog or even a cat if you take an animal and abuse, mistreat, taunt and even starve it you will most assuredly create a monster. That is how these gentile giants are viewed. As monsters! These animals are often isolated from any human contact but that which to get when they are fed if they are luck to even get food. Now not all are treated that way. People like me love and care for their animals and would rather die then see them come into harms way. I own two Dobermans and two Pits today and they are surrounding me as I write. All content with full bellies and snoring dreaming good dreams knowing they are loved and will one day die of old age having lived a good life.

Visit my babies and get to know them on this site. You will find that they are far from vicious.

Below you will find many links some with happy endings and others with horrible stories of the abuse these dogs suffer. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY? Why do we allow this kind of treatment to continue? I can see prohibiting anyone with a gang related backround or a convicted felon (depending on the offence) from owning these dogs but why ban and destroy the breed? Why punish the many for the actions of a few. And the problem is growing. It is not just with Pits either. These criminals are branching out to other breeds. So if we ban one breed they will simply move on to another one. You will never stop this vicious cycle until you push for and pass strict laws against the inhumane treatment of animals. Not just pacification laws but laws with very severe penalties for any violation.

My neighbor has a dog in her yard that was allowed to freely breed. She had a litter in 18-degree weather and there was at least one incident of a pup freezing to death. Multiple calls were made to animal control and the humane society. You know what was done? NOTHING! Still today she eats out of a dirty old garbage can lid and a 5 gal bucket of rainwater is her option to quench her thirst. The owner simply got a warning about poop in the yard and a reminder about the dog's rabies tag.

Thousands of animals are destroyed every year because facilities to house them are too small, understaffed and under funded. The staff is made up of compassionate volunteers but there aren't enough of them. They cannot afford to house the animals and often have to euthanize them. Pit will for the most part go in the front door and out the back in a bag because they are deemed as dangerous.

People do not feed stray cats because they will just hang around then and will not go away. Can I ask which would you rather have a stray cat you feed and give water to who is not a nuisance or a stray cat hungry and dragging trash all over the neighborhood? It is just too much of a hassle to spend $7.00 at Wal-Mart for a bag of cat food right? It takes less effort to feed the poor thing then it does to complain about it and clean up the torn up trash every day.

If just one hundred people in each county donated 10 bucks a month to the local shelter that would be $1,000.00 a month that could help house and care for the unwanted animals. Think of what a difference that could make. How about your old tablecloths, towels and blankets? The ones you donate to goodwill or just throw out? Believe me the shelters will take them and could surely use them.

Bone B4 given

The bone you see above is a real beef bone. These bones are sold in stores like Petsmart and Wal-Mart for larger dogs to chew on. This very bone was given to a Staffordshire Terrier to chew on. Below is what the bone looked like after only three minutes.


It has been said that these dogs apply approx. 750 lbs of pressure with their jaws. Frightening as that may sound they are the most gentile and loving breed of dog. Why would anyone want to take a dog so loving, inteligent and loyal with a strength such as this and turn it into a vicious fighting machine? It is beyone me how cruel some human beings can be and I really believe it takes a special kind of stupid to do such a thing. There truely is a special level of hell waiting for people of such dispicable natures. Only a monster would take pleasure in seein gthese animals tormented as they are. But it is easier to fear then it is to understand.
The human mind is so far advanced yet most cannot comprehend that maybe just maybe we are placing blame where it does not belong. How long could you stand being beaten or starved before you became bitter? How much of a frontal attack could you withstand before you fought back? And if tormented in this way would you be able to trust? Would you be capable of loving the very ones that tortured you? I think not. But a Pitbull can. Even after all they endure they are still capable of showing love. All they ask is for a chance to shine. to be able to rise up back to their former position as a treasured family pet with an abundance of love to give. They need our help NOT our hate. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
This beautiful breed was once loved and desired by families all over the world. They are crying out with desperate whaling for your help. Please wont you help?  

Look at what is done to these dogs and tell me that this is their fault! Can you honestly say that? Did they ask for this? Is it their fault they are hungry, hurt and sometimes even mean? Wouldn't you be bitter if you were treated this way? Wouldn't it be hard for you to trust another human again? If this were you would you not long for love and compassion? Would you be deserving of the death penalty all because you dared to dream of a better existance? I hope you havent eaten recently because your lunch is about to revisit you!

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