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The Gangs all here!!!!
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Let me introduce you...


This is Rusty. Rusty is a 4 year old male Doberman. My husband and I bought him when he was 6 weeks old from a breeder in Chicago. We also bought his brother. Three days later both pups were deathly ill with parvo virus. He and his brother nearly died. We were able to save them both and because of the financial cost to save them had to give up on of the pups. We found and excellent home for his brother and have had Rusty ever since. Rusty is a sweet dog who loves giving kisses and extending his paw. He is devoted to his owner Mark (my husband) and is spoiled rotten. As with all our dogs Rusty was raised on Eukanuba and Iams dog foods which is what keeps his coat so shiny and healthy. Not to mention the occasional bath which he loves.


Here is Rusty again. On the left just laying around. And on the right extending his paw to daddy.



This is Addie. Addie is a 5 year old female Doberman. She is the sweetest female of any breed I have ever seen. Addie has been obedience trained as have all our dogs by me personally and she is exceptionally smart. She excells in all areas concerning children and is very tolerant and patient with toddlers. She is particularly protective but not aggressive. Because Dobermans are working dogs they need a purpose or become bored easily. Giving a Doberman a task to preform or a regular job to do is the best gift you can give them. The Doberman is a highly intelegent breed of dog and very eager to please. Dobermans are known for "choosing their owners." Meaning a Doberman picks you you do not pick the Doberman. I am blessed every day that Addie chose me. Addie was an early Christmas presentfrom my husband in December of 1999. She has brought much joy to my life.


Here are our beloved dobe babies together. Addie is alpha dog with the group and she is also momma to all. Each of our sweet babies gets a weekly ear cleaning from momma Addie weather they need it or not. Including the cats! She never picks a fight and no one disagrees with her top ranking position either. Everyone seem to get along quite nicely. Currently addie is not too happy with me as we recently got a water bed. She does not like the movement of the mattress and therefor will not get on the bed. I have had to give her extra loving as she will no longer cuddle in the bed with mom, dad and Rusty. Addie never got her ears cropped and truthfully I think she looks so very pretty with her big old velvety ears.


This is shy little Bear. He may be shy of the camera but not in person. Bear would chase a stick or ball all day if he had someone with that much stamena. Bear is 5 years old but he bounces around the yard like a young pup. He is completely devoted to mommy and couldn't care less about anything else in life besides mommy and the tennis ball. Bear is very intelegent and currently he is learning how to dial 911 on the speakerphone speed dial in case of an emergency. Bear is a Cocker Spaniel and all though he is a "bird dog" he couldn't love birds more. Bear especially loves to swim with the baby ducklings. Momma duck doesn't seem to mind either as she once swam with him as a ducklng herself. Bear needs special care due to reoccuring ear infections and skin allergies but all in all he is a healthy happy boy who is greatly loved by his fellow dogs and human companions.


Here we have Gidget. Gidget is three years old and is a Japanese Chin and Jack Russell mix. She is small but mighty. Ever gentle but firm. She does not allow running in the house and will sternly bark at you as if she is scolding you for such an act. Gidget knows how to knock on the door to come in and out and will let you know when she wants attention which is quite often. She loves to play ball and loves to swim. Her absolute favorite thing in the world to do is cuddle in your arms like a newborn baby. She has ben dubbed "midget Gidget the single didget." Because she is short and there is no other in the world like her. Make no mistake about her size she certainly knows how to stand up for herself. She excells at herding other animals. Particularly chickens, geese and ducks. She mothers the baby chicks but gets jelouse of she doesnt get all the attention from her pet humans.


This cute little guy is Rambo. in this picture he is only 7 weeks old. Can you guess his breed? If you said Pit bull you are absolutly right. Don't believe everything you hear about Pit bulls They are no more dangerous then a tea cup poodle. It is not the dog that is dangerous but the irresponsable owner. Rambo is a sweet little dog well haha not so little now a days but he has always had a really sweet disposition. Never bitten and never tried. Not distructive either. Rambo is also very smart. He learned to give his paw right away and did so by watching the other dogs. He house broke very easily and has never shown any signs of aggression toword animals or humans. Lets see what Rambo looks like today.....


This is Rambo. Now 9 months old. Still as sweet as ever. Here Rambo just came in from playing outside. Rambo does not get to do much of this these days as he has some serious problems. Rambo has hip displesia. A pretty severe case at that. He will need total hip replacments on both sides. This surgery will cost upwards of $6,000.00. Rambo is currently on pain medication but there was a time where it hurt so bad he simply could not walk. All because of irresponsable breeding and lack of regard for the lives the pups would have. Luckily Rambo is with a family who loves him dearly (US) or he would no doubt suffer a terrable fate. Rambo most likely would suffer in pain, end up put to sleep, or simply abandoned on a street somewhere. We have an entire page dedicated to pitbulls coming soon so please come back and visit this page when it is complete. Rambo loves our water bed and he loves being with his daddy. Rambo is being trained spacifically for my husband who is hearing impaired his training is very limited currently due to his hips but once he is better he will continue on as a full time service dog for Mark.



This is Pepper Ann she is a 9 week old brindle Pit bull female. She has been with us two weeks. She had her first vet visit two days ago and she did really well. Doc says she is a sweet pup. Like most puppies she is very curious and gets into everything so she keeps us on our toes. But she is an aweful lot of fun. We love her lots and are very attached already. She thinks Addie is her mother which is just fine by Addie as she insists on being everyones mom anyway.


To the left is Dillon our newest addition. He was a rescue dog and we had no intention of keeping him. Dillon managed to steal our hearts and proved to be such a wonderful companion with so much to give we could not bare to part with him. He is now a permanent addition to our happy family. We couldn't love him more.