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All my life I have been a lover of animals. Animals of all kinds and all sizes. I particularly love dogs and have quite a few of my own. I will never understand how any human being can look into the face of a little pup and sentence it to a miserable existance. Every day I hear about abandoned animals. I often find animals that were simply thrown away. Left abandoned in parking lots or on the side of the road and it is heart breaking. I wish I could save them all but that is unrealistic isn't it? I often find my trash torn up no doubt by a hungry dog or cat. People in my community talk of wild cats and dogs that are running around destroying and even some that terrorize people and other animals. They all know it is a problem and they all complain about. They all know the shelters are full.

Tehy all say, "something must be done." "Someone needs to do something." But never do you see these people lift a finger to help solve the problem in fact many, when approached and asked to get involved will say "it's not my problem." But it is everyones problem.

These animals that we are all so quick to complain about are not at fault. We are the guilty parties. These animals did not ask to be born, they did not ask to be abandoned they cannot help that the world is full of ignorant people. It is their instinct to breed, to eat and to live. They are starving and what they lack most is understanding compassion and love.

On this site you will get to know me and learn about the issues that need addressing. You will learn about some of the proposed answers to this growing problem and why all past efforts have failed. You will get to meet our current companions and hopefully gain a better understanding of how you can be part of making a difference in not only the lives of us humans but in those of our animal friends as well.

Do you love your fur babies as much as i do? Well there are a lot more of us out there! Join our web forum! There are lots of interesting people all over the country that feel the same way we do! You'll learn new things and meet new people plus we have a really neat website for adults and children! JOIN NOW!

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

2-07-05: Site started and dedicated to Rambo and Pepper and all their misunderstood canine friends.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.